AHHHH OKAY SO. you're like one of my favourite creators and you're the best simmer ever and i came to your ask to send you my appreciation and everything but then i see your selfie and it's like, HOLY CRAP, SHE'S BEAUTIFUL TOO! [fangirling intensifies] and i think you're really amazing and yeah i wish i had your skill omg. and you seem really nice too. *_* okay fangirling over, but all-in-all, great creations, and pretty face! keep it up as long as you feel like it. :)

wow! I haven’t been back for a while and missed this, oh how i miss the sims community, thank goodness summer is approaching!
but omg, you’re too kind dear! thank you! i will continue, sims will always be a love of mine, and i hope to continue also with the sims 4, have you seen it? i am so excited! i’ll definitely try to be the first on the train for cc making, and ofc, i’ll continue with the sims 2 as long as i can. thank you so much dearie! ♥ 


*щ*  <333


The freezer bunny throwing a tantrum.


The Curiouses’ kitchen by firefly light

I usually try to salvage the premade houses but the Curious brothers’ house is an exception; it’s so inconvenient and bizarre I decided to move them somewhere else. Here’s a sneak peek.

(Busy week, so updates will be slow.)




The Sims 4 - CAS Sims from around the world & Facial structure.

Totally feeling the CAS (I’m sure there will be mods/CC to get more skin tones and shit)

Did my eyes just catch a decent looking set of braids? *cries from happiness*

i had too much fun with this project

and i broke so many tropes like look at that last guy, i didn’t notice until after filming that he has some dramatic eyeshadow going on

my Anthem is so fab

You can watch it here!


Made a new sim, and possibly a girlfriend for Rhona, still a WIP. Meet Erin.

but i don’t want to put him in this dystopian future novel projeeeeeeeeeeeect but i mean he gets a nice ending anyways so yeah

i’m doing a film adaptation of Anthem by Ayn Rand and i’m using him as Equality!

How many photos can you take of the same sim with the same expression Valeria?

A lot more than necessary

Here’s a small thing to drop by, I’m on Easter break, but of course, school doesn’t allow any amount of freetime without some homework. I really wish I could take up on one of my larger projects, but I don’t think I can fit it in. I’m hoping you all are doing really well! I miss you guys! 

Au revoir! ♥ ♥


Little blue starter house.

'nuthin to see here folks, just a random bit of building.



16 Darlington Road is a recently renovated 19th Century cottage. It boasts a new extension, 3 bedrooms, a spacious kitchen/diner, a downstairs study as well as a sunlit patio.

Interiors | Floorplan (downstairs | Floorplan (upstairs)

Fully furnished | 3 bed | 1.5 bath

Download | CC List

Really beautiful!

My uncle is in danger of deportation and needs help


This has just happened recently and it would mean the most if this could be passed around.

All it needs is signatures and coverage.

It is ridiculous how my uncle, a man of no criminal record, with children and another one on the way is being threatened to be deported. There is so much strength put against keeping my people out of this country when not enough attention is put onto the actual criminals in this country. This makes me so sick. Please help if you can, please read the case, please reblog this, please please please.

I know this is my sims blog, but I honestly need help from wherever I can find it. Please help me keep my uncle here in the United States to care for his family.


I actually retextured some clothing for the first time ever? Like taking baby steps into the world of cc-making. It’s a WIP. I’m thinking about making the pattern smaller and a bit more opaque tbh. I’m still kind of noobish about this, but I’m learning…

Hopefully by tomorrow night I will release these fixed recolors as a follower’s gift (I can’t have enough Azaya/FadetoBlack inspired clothing in my normal game, especially outerwear) along with my extracted World of Warcraft terrains I made for my fantasy themed game. I just have a midterm tomorrow night that is keeping me from actually doing anything Sims-related…